The Random Topics....


Can someone tell me WHY I see at least 7 or so new topics all either related to religion or something that barely has something to do with this Forum, and by names that look like spam names, what are some trolls coming up or something? It really really confuses me, there’s been at least three users doing that. I am not getting it, all barely have any use and are pretty pointless in my opinion.


It could be users, but those spam topics are most likely bots. If you’ve noticed, all of them are for advertising purposes, and not any as such ‘age-inappropriate’ content or matter. They can be a bit annoying. From my observation, most appear in the creative section though it is random at times. If you see any such advertisement bots, I advise you to press the ‘!’ button on the top right corner of the post. You can list the reasons being spam and wrong forum/sub forum. This way staff will know, and they can edit and delete the topic or ban that bot.


Yeah, I guess bots can explain the extra fast topic making.


I question the spam bot security we have on Forums. There’s been like, 10+ Ad topics today. :C

Anyways, just get a Mod to clear them out, or like Erlade mentioned, press the Report Button.


I haven’t seen any of the topics yet, but the spam names are annoying o.o


Spam bots? o.o


So where is this spam bot that you said?


To everyone that asked me where the spam bots / advertising bots were, it’s too late, their topics were removed and they have already been banned. You’ll have to ignore this topic and instead look on the New Posts every now and then. It’s easily seen by a spam name and a bunch of links that have absolutely nothing to do with this Forum sprawled over subforums they don’t belong, such as advertisements in the Art section.


Real examples that were cleaned up:

Roleplay forums --> “Disc Brakes on Mountain Bicycles” --> click --> essay about bikes and some product.

Forum Games --> “Etiquette Guide you could Really Use” --> etc

Hopefully you’ll see what I mean sometime in the future. Even more hopefully is that next time you see them it’ll be on a different forum and not here.


This thread is not longer necessary since the spam bots were already taken care of. Locking this topic.

Edit: On another note, this is in no way the correct place to be talking about a matter such as this… Why would you bring this up in the “Introductions” board? Please refrain from posting in a board when your topic has nothing to do with the theme of the board, thank you.