Toolkit Download and Guidelines

PMU’s Toolkit is analogous to the Sprite Viewer, as it allows you to arrange a Pokémon’s sprites into frames of animation. What it also does is create files that can be submitted and easily implemented into the client.

Here’s it’s Dropbox download: … oolKit.rar (You may have to download a program that “unpacks” the .rar file, like 7-Zip, if you don’t have something like that already)

Getting Started
Upon opening the Toolkit, you’ll find a variety of folders, but the three of interest are Portrait, Sprite, and Cache (plus the PMDToolkit, which lets you test your sprites’ animations, it’s the treasure box icon). Inside the Portrait and Sprite folders are a lot of folders which correspond to a Pokémon, based on their national Pokédex number. For example, Bulbasaur’s Portrait file is “sprite1” and it’s Sprite file is “Sprite1” (note the caps). When you want to arrange the sprites (and portrait, if you have it) for a Pokémon we don’t have yet, you have to create the empty folders in the Toolkit first. When you get a sprite properly arranged (it doesn’t make the PMDToolkit say “Error with #(Pokemonnumberhere)”) and tested out with all the planned animations (Idle, Walk, Sleep and Attack are the basics), it creates a .sprite file for it in the Cache folder. (It also makes a .portrait file for you if provided.) This is what gets uploaded onto Trello when the sprites and/or portrait get approved. (The arranger’s “final product”)

As for arranging portraits and files, these forum topics should be of help:
Portraits: viewtopic.php?f=77&t=12597
Sprites: viewtopic.php?f=77&t=12638

The Toolkit treats frames much like the way Sprite Viewer does.

Hope this helps! Best wishes!

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TY Zekrom needed this want to get into spriting :joy:

Thanks a bunch, EZ. I might dabble a little in spriting. I’d like to create some custom sprites for various Pokemon that don’t have sprites yet.

Eventually, I’d like to see sprites for all non-legendary Pokemon implemented into the game.

Would it be possible to download this some other way?
I’m having trouble with Mediafire. Though I made and account there I still can’t download.

Here’s an alternate link: …
(The program runs like it should but I removed a lot of unnecessary files)

Also, adding to the guidelines that the only frames PMU currently needs are only these four: Attack, Idle, Walk and Sleep!

Can’t seem to get PMU Toolkit to open. All it does when I double-click is pause briefly, then throw an error message saying “PMU Toolkit has stopped working”.

What do I need to do in order to make it work?

There isn’t a tutorial on how to install the Toolkit, and a lack of a FAQ regarding common problems is nonexistent.

It’s as if it’s presumed the program automatically works when you download it.

Why doesn’t it work for me?