Toxapex Portrait Remaster

image ← Mine ~ Original → image

I got Toxapex a while ago and It gave me time to observe the portrait. It’s not bad, the coloring Is accurate to actual PMD portraits, but there were some flaws.

1. Firstly, and most notably, how large the body Is compared to Its legs.
2. Maybe It’s just me, but I think the pink parts look too purple.
3. The back of Its other legs were too far up, which adds to the disproportional body size.
4. The spikes on the lifted legs weren’t there.
5. The teeth and eyes were a bold yellow when It should be orange like the spikes.
6. The orange spikes on top were a bit too low I think.


Still not perfect, but how big the body was and the face really bothered me <:) If It could be Improved more let me know.


Yours looks better than the original Toxapex 10/10

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