Trading Tiles for Houses // About Fam Item Houses


I’d like to preface this with talking about family item houses, which you are most likely familiar with if you’ve been active in PMU lately. These houses have become quite popular recently, due to family items being used by virtually all players and being very accessible. Its a system that looks good on paper, to dedicate your house to sharing family items with the community.

But, unfortunately, there’s a flaw with this. People can easily just take all the items if they wanted to, which really frustrates some players. There’s not a lot that people can do about it currently, besides maybe turning their house into a shop rather than a place to take/trade items. But for convenience, people might want to keep the “swapping” aspect of their family item houses instead.

There’s tons of possible solutions or measures that can be taken, but I’d like to share an idea I’ve had for a while now.

Similar to house shop tiles, there could be a tile specifically made for “swapping” items. For example, you can place a Bulba-Claw on the tile and have another player step on it and have a trading window pop up, allowing them to swap one of their family items for the Bulba-Claw. Of course, you’d have to somehow set up the tile to only accept family items, which sounds annoying to program I’d imagine.

I do have mixed feelings about this suggestion, but I thought I’d put it out there regardless.

Anyway, thanks for reading :]

The way I see it, trading tiles would be a great addition to the house commands/ attributes.

When placing a tile, the system could ask the player to select what items are acceptable for trades on this tile. The player can then go through and select a range of tradeable items and pay 100 poke per tradeable item or 5000 poke, whichever is smaller. This will discourage shop owners from placing tradeable tiles to circumnavigate the cost of shop tiles.

Then when another player comes into a house and presses enter while standing on a tile, they will be notified if they do not have a tradeable item and be presented with a list of the tradeable items. Or if they do have tradeable items, a menu very similar to the current /trade command will appear, with the item that is currently on the tile preselected.

*Edit: It would be nice if there were a built in categorization for fam items so that it wouldn’t take forever to place each tile. Furthermore, the cost of placing the tile should be lower if it is made for fam items only.