Tsukihina's Art Corner ♥


I figured I would post this here so I could share my art with you all!
Please dont repost these or use without permission though, I’m not that big on theft ><

Anyways, here I go!

The following are all artworks I have made and posted on Deviantart, you can find out my Deviantart from my profile.

NEW May 6th, 2012













[Edit!]  -  I fixed the links!   Now you can just click the spoiler button and view the images right on this thread.

I fixed the images so they’re no longer links, but can be found right on this thread.

Well…not that anyone was even looking in here xD


Woah! So awesome. OwO You should totally draw me something. /shot

Keep up the great work!


If you allow me to finish the art waiting for me on Deviantart, I actually could if you like xD
It’ll just take me a bit is all.

But thank you



Such lovely art. :3 /watches on dA


Oh thank you~ ♥

Lol sadly, I didnt see this post until after I commented you on DA xD Sorry about that~
You can ignore the comment on DA if you like, because of that :P


Very nice, do you make these on the computer? Or draw them and then color them digitally. Oh, by the way. They’re amazing


I start off with a sketch on paper.
Then I digitally re-lineart it and color it with Paint tool SAI :3

I have a tablet so…I take full advantage of it xD


Updated with a new image~ ♥


Do you take requests/commissions? Doesn’t know


Do you take requests/commissions? Doesn’t know[/quote]

Well, yes.

However right now I am currently full of Trades and Commissions so I’m sorry to say it’ll have to wait a little bit.


Oh I see, that’s alright! :3
I will definitely commission from you, though, when you have the time! =]


Pretty pictures!

Keep up the good work. I see a lot of focus in those pictures.


Great job, Tsu! I love them <3 Although I am not the fan of this kind of art, your style really makes me feel good.


Thank you!
I’m really happy to hear that my art is done well enough to be complimented like this!


I already said this ingame, but thank you very much~

Alot of people arent always fond of this kind of art style, but I’m happy with what I do so I feel I shouldnt give up :P


Such nice pieces of art, Tsu. You manage to use attractive images without falling into vulgarity. I like it. Hope to see more from you. ;)



Thank you ♥

I hope to continue drawing things that people like you can enjoy ^^


Do you take requests/commissions? Doesn’t know[/quote]

This took me forever to get back at you with a new answer xD

I am now taking commissions on Deviantart, since you asked last time you were here.


I’m impressed. You are REALLY good, Tsukihina.