Unique "Scarf" Sprites

Hi hello happy Thanksgiving :zoomtah:
I was looking at Bulbapedia while wiki editing, as one does :timburrrr:
And I found out that some of the “scarf” Items got their own official artwork, much like some of the Wonder Orbs. Most of them surprisingly already had custom sprites made for them In PMU. However comma, the Friend Bow did not.

As you probably can tell this topic Is gonna be similar to one of my actually not bad posts, Unique Orb Sprites.
Friend%20Bow I went ahead and made the Friend Bow Its own sprite matching the art made for It.
Power%20Band I also edited the current Power Band sprite to match Its official artwork too.

Pecha%20Scarf Now I’m not the maker of this sprite, but Its In the Items png file, yet goes unused for a different Pecha Scarf sprite?

Pecha%20Scarf%202 It’s meant to be In-line with the other status-protection scarves, but It would be cool If the one based off the official art was used.


these are so good the friend bow is so cute im going to cry


Good work, Del. :awweyes: