Weekly Event: Week of April 18, 2021

Hello everyone,

I neglected to post this on the forums before - my apologies! This week’s event will be trivia again. Just as last time, it will be hosted on a google forms sheet. That sheet can be found at https://forms.gle/T9A6uF54Z2Nzxmxc6.

Submit all answers using the provided Google form, making sure to follow any instructions as stated in the question. Once you submit the form, your responses are final, so make sure you have the answers you want when you submit! This event will give 3 tokens just for completing the form, along with a token for each 3 questions you get right, for up to 8 event tokens.

You can complete the form any time from now up until the end of the day on the 25th of April, UTC. Following this time period, we will grade the responses and award tokens appropriately. We ask that you not discuss any of the actual questions on this quiz in our official discord server, our forums, or in-game on global or any populated map (Crossroads/Grassroot Town), and that each person only complete the quiz once (meaning for only one of their characters).

If we at any time suspect one person has tried to claim tokens for more than one of their characters, we hold the right to withhold tokens from all of their characters, and may enact further punishment if deemed necessary. Please play fair out of respect for the game and your fellow community members. If you accidentally submit twice though, just let us know! We won’t bite, I promise. Finally, feel free to collaborate privately or to use your resources, such as the PMU Wiki!!