What Game would u be in?

If u were in a Pokemon Game, what game would u be in and why?

I would probably want to be in Pokepark because it’s really fun as there’s lots of adventure and a unique view of what the Pokemon world is like. :D

I would be in PMD because im a pretty versatile person xD i am daring, imaginative, unnecesarily active, and ambitious. lol i truly think i would have been an adventurer in the PMD world

I’d be in any on the main gen 4 games D/P/Pt because of how wack it would be trying to catch em all as you embark on your quest to be the very best, save the lake trio, stop team galactic, beat the champion, go find new places as soon as the national dex comes into play. And can’t forget about underground! Sinnoh is a pretty big place and I wouldn’t mind getting stuck in that game.

I’d be in pokemon snap
Exploring the world taking pictures of all the pokemon and not having to deal with the catch rates :P
I’d probably end up gathering a large army of dancing charmander with a pokeflute and godly amounts of apples :heart: .

HMM, either

Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs because what a cool place, i think Oblivia places in my top 3 regions from every pokemon game ever tbh. I’d absolutely love to do all of the cool stuff and go to all of the cool places this game contains. I think ranger as a whole is a series i’d love to be in because your character does all of this?? Amazing, active stuff and i get super immersed into every game. But Guardian Signs, more so the previous two, had the best aesthetics of all three games and man, i’d get to FLY on pokemon 8D

Or Pokemon White/White 2 (i.e. the region of the past). This game also places in the top 3 best regions since it’s so pretty. I also kinda imagine it has pretty mild weather (Hoenn, the third of my top 3 regions, is based on a place in the tropics and i loathe hot weather. and also beaches. so a region that is like 50% water/beach and contains a volcano is not really my ideal place. but the jungle aesthetic mmmm). It has such a wide variety of environments, second to Hoenn in terms of main series games imo, and a whole bunch of my favourite pokemon. Like, i swear my main partner would be deerling. It also has some of the best mythical & mystical areas shrouded in legends, second to Sinnoh too. (Dragonspiral tower, desert resort, abyssal ruins, lostlorn forest, castelia sewers//that cave in it etc.) and i love lore, but i love lore based environments like temples and ruins etc EVEN MORE. BW2 is probably even…my favourite main series game, and just as equally, i’d love to be a part of it.

edit: hey i could even do pokemon platinum as i’d totally get a sick mansion for myself lmaoo.