Xatu's Missing Tent

Kinda came to my notice that Xatu is still missing its tent since it was accidently yeeted during a GFX update in late 2017. It’s a really minor detail but nonetheless a classic PMU’s been missing out on.

Was it intentionally dropped out or did it just get forgotten in time?

Also, I’m not sure if this is ideal but if it’s the latter I tried ripping it from the free to use sprite sheet available on spriter’s resource. Kept the shadows and such consistent to what I found from old screenshots of the tent in game.
Xatu Tent
Imgur Link in case Forums has image compression : Xatu’s Tent


I’ll work on bringing it back :) #BringXatuHome


As of the graphics update released at the time of writing Xatu’s tent has returned!

Previously lost tiles such as the eevee, suicune, and absol statues as well as snow pikachu, and some festive holiday lights that used to be on Tileset 8 have also returned along with many more additions and fixes.

All credit goes to @Syni in helping with the recovery and arrangement efforts. :floonhat: