Zangos maps

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Big Maps

Starlit City

Beach Villa

Mountain Resort (current house)

Haunted House (the mountain resort actually came as a result of editing this halloween house)

Old beach house (this was before i figured out how to make screenshots so it was kinda badly cropped)

Underground Mall

I really like how it turned out! Will check it out tomorrow, it fits Cubone perfectly imo.

Good job! :joy:

Thanks a bunch! It is a really fun feature, I wish I could put a bed in there so it could be my spawn point even :)

Oooooohhhh nice and spooky!!! I like it ;D It fits Cubone’s past perfectly. Keep up the good work dude.

Edit: Also, you can set your spawn inside your house by doing /setspawn if that doesn’t work, then try /sethouse

I took a run around your house the other day! It is a neat a spooky place to be! ^-^

One thing I would recommend is making the top edge a cliff edge, that way the cut-off isn’t so abrupt and straight! I believe it would look more natural that way.

Also, your house is a little larger than this, if I remember correctly! You can take a(n) (almost) full screenshot of your house by hitting the “take a screenshot” button within the map editor! Sadly it cuts off the bottom edge and the right edge though.

Cool house, I can’t wait to see more from you~

Thanks you guys! I appreciate it. You’re right about the horizon looking a little weird but i wanted the place to look pretty flat so i didn’t put in cliffs.

I made this on my alt for valentines, although its a little late. It’s very sappy.

[spoilerTYRANTRUMS VACATION:1f3rszf9]


Can’t a t rex enjoy the beach without being stared at??