1001 Ways To Get Kicked Out Of Walmart

[sub]I stole this from another forum. I"m so evil.[/sub]

Basically, the gist of this game is to describe a way a funny, weird, or interesting way to get kicked out of Walmart.

Grab some jam and a paintbrush and draw graffiti on a wall saying Walmart Sucks.

Riding to the battlefields of the food court on a lawnmower would be my ideal way to go.


have touretes, i did my research and there are people that got kicked out of walmart for having touretes.

Drinking a bottle of vodka from the Hannaford next door, while walking through WalMart and giving an employee a wedgie. Sadly, yes, that has happened.


Like serious, they flagged me for running._.

Open all of the RC, fake pet, robot, and kiddie bicycles and lead an army to war on your trusty steed. /shot
Other than that, grab a bunch of silly string and give yourself and other people beards.

Ride a skateboard through the video game isle and scream, “ROLLING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND!”

Run through various aisles dressed as Pac-man with some friends chasing me dressed as the ghosts.

First of all, two posts above me are the best ways. Seriously If I ever have any desire to get kicked out of walamart is will do one of those.

Second of all,
Step 1
get 13 friends
Step 2
Have two of them dress up as pokemon trainers and the rest as pokemon
Step 3
Get a large white board to write stuff on along with streamers of various colors (For the attacks)
Step 4
Proceed to have a pokemon battle just outside the video game section
Step 5
Don’t actually get kicked out because this is too awesome/hilarious

I iz creative?

ride around the whole store with your friends in scooters, holding up golf clubs, and screaming like an eagle…

Breath fire literally everywhere.
Though, this would probably get you kicked out of more than just Walmart.
Because it’s arson.

… You would also need to be a dragon.

Get 300 friends to dress up like Spartans, and make all charge the first employe you see while screaming “THIS IS SPARTA!!!”

If that does not get you kicked out, then nothing will…

Eat chicken in the toy aisle and later on as your leaving get caught by a passerby who saw you

Paint the whole paper towel aisle hot pink.

Shatter every wine bottles and make the floor slippery enough to make other people fall off

PLay on the Video game preview thing and whenever someone asks if they can try a turn yell at them and push them away… hard

Let’s see.

Step 1: Pull down pants.

Step 2: Poop on floor.

Step 3: Get arrested for indecent exposure.

Step 4: Post bail.

Step 5: Repeat step 1-5.

Step 722: Profit…

Then again Step 1-4, will most likely get you kicked out of everything…I am like 95% sure of it…

Run around waving your arms and scream “42!” over and over again.

murder someone

bring kitty to walmart