[2019-09-20] Release Notes – Updated Sprites, Diamond Dust Strikes Back ✨

The last client/server update had some changes. They are as follows:

:sparkles: New sprite animations! A very large number of Pokemon will now move and attack more fluidly

New vs Previous:


:sparkles: You can now store up to 1,200 recruits in your assembly
:sparkles: Diamond dust has returned as a house weather option

There is one more major change hiding in this update – see if you can find it!

In addition, since we know you’ve all been working hard, Holiday Cave will be extended for another 7 days until Sunday, September 29, 2019 11:59 PM

Get in-game and let us know what you think!

Previous Update (2019-07-11)
  • Email Support and Password Resets. New accounts must register and confirm an email; old accounts who have not yet added an email will be prompted to do so when logging in.

The latest graphics update also includes the following additions and revisions:


* Trapinch
* Servine
* Simisear
* Simipour
* Krokorok
* Mienshao
* Hydreigon
* Flabebe
* Floette
* Dragalge
* Heliolisk
* Amaura
* Aurorus
* Incineroar
* Primarina
* Vikavolt
* Wishiwashi
* Golisopod
* Turtonator
* Scizor
* Lillipup


* Alolan Sandslash
* Sawsbuck (All Seasons)
* Dragalge
* Vikavolt
* Toxapex


* New dungeon sets
* More TREES!
* Croagunk Swap Shop tiles are now arranged correctly
* Traps have a minor new look!
* Other small changes


* New orb sprites
* Apples of distinct sizes
* New sprites for placeable traps

Addendum: Please be respectful when discussing revised graphical changes. Constructive criticism that helps the spriter improve is encouraged. However if you have nothing helpful to add, please keep opinions to yourself.

Special thanks to

  • our contributors from the PMU Sprite Project, PMU Staff Team, and the PMU Forums for their hard work
  • @Prismatic for collecting and arranging the tileset changes
  • @Kirk for collecting and arranging the item sheet changes