A Guide to making Guides!


A Guide to Guides!

Yes, you read correctly.

This is a guide on how to make game guides, keeping them organised, look well presented, and to make sure it contains all of the information necessary.

This isn"t going to be huge and super flash, but here it goes.
[hr][/hr]Firstly, make it clear, exactly what your guide is about.
Heck… my Example can be from this very topic.

Simple, right?
Make it clear.[hr][/hr]Secondly, Your presentation. Now… You can go with say… a huge title at the top, then center everything below it, that looks pretty organised.

Guide Topic!
This is a topic about topic, In this topic I will explain a few things about topic and why you may want to use topic in your gameplay style.

Or, you can simply just write what you want to say. But keep it organised, for example, for each point in this thread, I"m starting a new paragraph, so it"s clear to see where the first point ends and the second begins.
Also, you can use the [hr] tag which will draw a line across the page, and seperate things for you. Like this.[hr][/hr]Thirdly, make sure you know enough about what you"re talking about.
-For Example; Don’t make a guide about training, when you’ve only just started the game yourself.
-Do not lie about the facts.
-Your topic now (as of last week) has to be approved by a member of staff, along with any posts within the threads.
-Be Prepared for Questions or suggestions on your topic. You will need to answer them.[hr][/hr]

With just these three in mind, you can make a successful guide.
One further thought, is that your guide should also follow the Rules. Since we do not support the talk, or use of ROMS, Emulators or Hacks. Or support the use of glitches or bugs to use to your advantage… You may not produce guides about those and they will not be approved.
The Rules apply to both in game and on the forums.

I hope you"ve read this. Take the advice, and go… go make some guides!
I hope to see many good guides in the future.
Don"t be shy to present it better than I have here… use banners and images if you want!


This is good advice is you would want to make something to help the community. Great work, Dandy.


Great! We really needed this. This deserves a sticky.

Perhaps you could add a list of useful guides somewhere? owo


I may make a directory later.
Also; I would sticky this, but this section doesn’t have stickies. I may have a word with an admin.