A PMD Fanfic: Timelapse! *the reason I had barely any activity in the PMU forums ._.;*

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Chapter 1: Supernatural Awakening

Twas’ a dark, stormy night at Marshwalker’s Mire. The world-famous treasure hunter Christofern “Seedlings” Tartal, a Meganium that represented bravery from all regions, including Tanren Undercity. Seedlings was once again search for Marshadow’s Heart Slate, by countlessly exploring Spectral Thicket over and over again with his best friend and business partner, Leroy “Qualia” Vigilante, a Braixen that is known for his nearly-unbreakable shield as a consequence of fusing hundreds of Eviolites.

  • “Darn it! That’s the 74th time we explore this dungeon, and no sign of the Heart Slate!” – Said Qualia, with a frustrated voice.

  • “It’s the lost Sparkle Token hunt all over again…” – Said Christofern, using Aromatherapy to draw Leroy’s attention. – “It took 166 days, but we did find a chest-full of them!”

  • “Yeah, I think you’re right…” – Said Vigilante, in a cheerful tone. – “We can explore more in the next day!”
    But then, something shining in an inexplicable mixture of colors fell from the sky, as millions of mini–Time Vortexes appeared as the museum owner, Karen “Famous” Rose, reported from Tanren Museum that the Celebi Heart Slate was stolen. The Time Vortexes disappeared as soon as the light that nearly had burned the sky harder than Ultra Necrozma according to an Archford myth. The light seemed to point at a fainted Riolu who for an unexplainable reason, fell from the sky. Little did anyone know he was a human.

  • “What the… What IS a Riolu doing here in such a dangerous place such as this dungeon?” – Asked Seedlings, perplexed.

Christofern tried to use their Guildmaster Explorer’s Badge to warp the poor soul to Grassroot Inn, located at Seedlings’ base, believing his caring sister that runs the inn, Milly, would somehow bring the Emanation Pokémon back to conscience. But Qualia yelled at the world-famous Meganium quicker than a Snorlax running after food:

  • “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH THAT BADGE!” – Qualia yelled in despair. – “Who knows if this Pokémon is trying to infiltrate to the base or something like it!”
  • “Qualia, always the same paranoic Braixen, aren’t you? It’s just a kid!” – Said Christofern jokingly, and then he tried to talk to Qualia in a more serious tone. – “Good or bad, this Pokémon seems pretty hurt. Not even a bad guy deserves an early death!”
  • “Fine…” – Responds Qualia. – “Just pay attention to him, OK?”
  • “Will do.” – Says Seedlings, ending the conversation.

As they activate their badges, all of them warp to the Guild. They carry the unconscious Riolu to the inn. Unlike in Marshwalker’s Mire, it was a bright, sunny day, with early-evening waves starting to appear, with an inviting aroma of the Combee making Honey and the Bellossom dancing their daily hula. When arriving in the Grassroot Inn, Milly is shocked by seeing such a young Pokémon in bad condition, and her immediate response was to attempt to heal the young soul. After regaining conscience, the first words the Emanation Pokémon said where:

  • “Where am I? What’s my name?” – Talked Riolu.
  • “Phew! You’re alright! Be happy, Bluey! If you wake up alive once again, you should celebrate!” – Said Milly.
  • “A-are you talking?” – Said Riolu, in a perplexed tone.
  • “I guess the brain of the little one is still ‘booting up’, right?” – Said Qualia in a mocking tone.
  • “QUALIA!” – Shouted the Meganium siblings.
  • “Y-you all talk…” - Commented the Emanation Pokémon. – “This looks nothing like the place I was last night.”
  • “Umm… pardon me. I’m Seedlings! She’s Milly and the fiery fox here is Qualia!” – Said Christofern trying to calm down the anxious Riolu. – “I presume you may be hungry or thirsty… After all, you came all the way to Spectral Ticket with no bag!”
  • “I guess so?” – Answered the young Pokémon, more confused than a Spinda trying to solve Cryptic Chasm’s puzzles. – “I could eat or drink something…”
  • “Go this way.” – Said Milly, pointing to a northwestern cliff next to the Grassroot Town Ho-Oh statue, in a way to pay tributes to him outside of Mt. Skylift. “There’s a lake and some trees with the tastiest fruits in the whole region!”

Nearly too weak to walk, the Emanation Pokémon was moving leaning on walls, in a way to sustain its body weight, not used to its non-human body. After reaching the cliff, it ate the Apples it found in the ground, and then it attempted to drink some of the water it found on the lake. When doing so, it saw its reflection on the water, which took the last piece that was barely balancing its emotions.

  • “I-is that… Me?” – said the Riolu in a panicking tone. – “B-but I’m supposed to be human, yet I see a Riolu in my reflection… HOW DID THIS HAPPENED?”

Nameless and all alone on the cliff, it once again fainted and nearly had a heart-attacked. The hard-working Machamp trying to carry as many fruits as possible to Kecleon’s shop, reported to Seedlings what happened. Right afterward, a dark, shadowy figure appeared and knocked out the 4-muscled Pokémon. Then it saw the anxious, little Emanation Pokémon laid down on the grassy floor, and its eyes shined in blood-red, as it plotted to do something with the blue Pokémon for a mysterious reason. What will happen to Riolu?! Find out in the next chapter of Timelapse!!!

Reply made on Chapter 1: yes I made Famous a Karen deal with that (for those who don’t know, saying “Famous is a troll” has became a meme) :pikalul: So… what do you think of my fanfic so far? Am I making a cringy job or a goob job on transforming PMU into a fanfic?

Also, Seedlings, Qualia and even Famous (who got a cameo lol): Sorry for not asking for pernission for you guys be characters from my Fanfic. My sincerest apologies. I can edit you guys out if you want (add another player as a charater os smth). I was so hyped about my idea, that I forgot to ask permission! Also, did you at least liked the fullnames I gave you guys? (Christofern = Christophan + Fern Plant “Seedlings” Tartal (Reference to Turtwig A spoilers, also a surname and Leroy “Qualia” Vigilante, which I literally picked the names and surnames I thought that fitted lol)

I don’t really care I was just greatly confused, maybe amused is a more accurate description though?

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