AbraKadabras Exciting Tournament!

I’m gonna hold a Tournament at the Arena
Prize: 10k and a choice of Celebi or Mew hat

Level Groups:

No AoE
No Stat raising
No plates
No items that make you stronger
No excuses for losing
No giving up during the battle
Only 1 pokemon can be used
Break any of these rules and you WILL be disqualified from the whole tournament

Fill in this to compete
Level Group: Can participate more than 1

It will start

15th March Thursday 2012 4:30pm PMU time.

People that are entering

Name: Sonali2
Pokemon: Torterra
Level Group: 30-
Questions: 30-40?

Since i cant edit the post
30-40 is now 1 of the Level groups!

Only 1 person in…
This will be postponed till April 5th Same time

i hope people join… :cry:

Hi am I still able to sign up?

Name: Turtwig A
Pokemon: Stufful
Level Group: 50-60
Questions/Concerns: I might miss the tournament, I think I’m busy on April 5, 2012 D:

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Name: Levy
Pokemon: Croconaw
Level Group: 50-60
Questions/Concerns: If anyone has a time-machine, mine broke a while ago

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Name: PolarBear
Pokemon: Rhyperior
Level Group: 50-60
Questions/Concerns: First I need to check if my levels got docked or not. I’ll let you know ahead of time!

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10k for a reward? damn you broke

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hey ill throw in 150k into it. Let me know when ur online :smiley:

Only concern: Is it still happening, if it is lmk in advance XD

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I think we signed up too late because AbraKadabra_83 hasn’t responded :(

rip :( Anyways maybe next time.