Add a delay to item-risking /giveup use

Currently when fainted, it’s easy to build a habit of mashing enter to revive yourself quickly. Your cursor does start on “revive” if it’s available, assuming I remember correctly.

However, going by the requests in our discord’s support channel from poor souls who believe they’ve been afflicted by a bug after mashing enter–and my own experiences with nearly saying “yes” to the give up prompt on accident a few times–I think it’s dangerously easy to give up by mistake right now, even through the yes/no prompt that’s supposed to make that harder to do. The vertical position of your cursor can move the instant you faint, so if you were holding up or down it might be moved to “switch” or “give up” if you’re mashing before letting go of an arrow key.

As for what I suggest to mitigate this problem, have the yes/no prompt not show up immediately; you’ll then have a second or two of looking at “do you want to give up?” where your inputs do nothing. Additionally, the cursor should probably default to “no”.

I’m sure we’ll be able to change the default setting to no — I’ll have to bring it up.