Adding the Apathy Orb

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon introduced an item called the Apathy Orb, which caused all enemy Pokémon on the floor to drop their items, as well as disabling enemy item pickup.

One of the most common issues shiny hunters face is that when a Pokémon is holding an item, it will despawn if the player relogs. Although in a perfect world this bug wouldn’t exist, it’s probably an issue that would be incredibly difficult to patch out.

The Apathy Orb would be a band-aid fix to this, which I’m sure many people would appreciate. If the effect is too hard to implement, it could instead cause Pokémon to just drop their items, which I’m sure can be done by reusing Thief’s code.

A future server update will prevent shiny NPCs from picking up items.

But I do like this idea.