Hello y’all! Finally I finished mapping all my alts and I’d figure I’d make a forum post with every house I made! I’m not sure if it’s possible to post all of the houses in one forum post… so I’ll probably have to split it up.
So… first of all I introduce you to all the houses that belong to the Solar Kingdom. Hope you enjoy! Sometimes I might give a little background to the locations, when I feel like it! <3 Also, a map of all the maps and their geography is coming up soon too, after I post all my houses :)

Account: Chel
Location: Aditya

[Aditya is the capital of the Solar Kingdom and a city that hasn’t fallen in thousands of years. It’s ruled by a monarchy: the Corona dynasty. As long as there is a Corona on the throne, the city will never fall, or so it’s been said.]

Account: Cirino
Location: Cirino’s Guild

Account: Mila
Location: Adityan Palace

Account: Jaqon
Location: Adityan City Gates

Account: Nissa
Location: Solar Crossroad

Account: Aricho
Location: Zafari

Account: Virsallo
Location: Eastern Highlands

Account: Bataar
Location: Lyrano

Account: Ferysa
Location: Ferysa’s house/lab

Account: Marak
Location: The Dojo

Account: Illano
Location: The Red Canyon
[The Red Canyon is a place filled with thugs. It’s honestly a place most people avoid because of that reason. It’s considered to be the problem child of the Solar Kingdom, as the people of the Canyon are very rebellious and don’t care about the Corona dynasty. They refuse to recognise any queen or king and the different culture and mindset makes it feel like a completely different society compared to the rest of the Solar Kingdom. ]

Account: Mesa
Location: Old Aditya/Adityan Ruins

Account: Donello
Location: Inside the ruins

Account: Badlands
Location: The Badlands

Account: Bak
Location: Jail

Account: Rhizzan
Location: Moonlit Cliff
[Technically this place used to be part of the Lunar Kingdom… but that Kingdom got washed away by a flood years ago.]

Account: Cipeco
Location: The Cursed Crossroad
[The Cursed Crossroad is as the name suggests a crossroad that is cursed… No one dares to enter because no one ever returns. It used to be a lively crossroad with lots of merchants, until a disaster happened. The ground started to crumble and darkness spread. Ever since, only fools enter this weird, distorted place. It is the fastest route to the next Kingdom, though.]

These are great, Chel! I wonder, though…how many accounts do you have? Lol, and how in the world do you keep track of them? :'D

Nawww thank you, birb queen <3 Well, I have a system where I just use the same account name and just add a different number, same goes for the password, otherwise I’d have lost it already haha! ~