After a small mix up I deleted my character

Hello, I just recently joined the universe. Through a small mix up at the start I accidentally picked vulpix as my starter, after freaking out that I had an alolan meowth instead of a normal one. Found out that is a visual bug, besides the point. I however would like to use the name Parsnip, it’s my cat’s name and I hold it dearly to my heart. Is there a way that I can create a new character and receive a name change?

First of all, welcome to the community! And secondly, just delete your character and get the Meowth and rename it Parsnip.

If you’re ahead of the game already and don’t want to reset your account, simply go to Jailbreak Tunnel and collect a Mystery Egg in 12F (it has a chance to hatch Meowth). If you want another cat Pokémon substitute, you can go to Mt. Moon to get a Skitty, Glameow in Harmonic Tower/Tanren Courtyard/Tanren Mansion, Litten in Scorched Grasslands (In Dawn/Dusk, also found as a Mystery Egg), Purrloin in Concealed Lab or Rustic Savannah and Espurr in Mystery Eggs on the walls of Starlit Lagoon.