Amber Tear Buff / Rework

The Amber Tear is currently one of the most overshadowed rare items in the game, as the Golden Mask isn’t too much rarer and has a much greater effect. I believe this item should be reworked to give it a bit more value.

Perhaps instead of having a similar effect to the Golden Mask, it could be used as an improved version of the Friend Bow - being a team item instead of a solo item.

If that idea wouldn’t work (I’m not sure the two could coexist without stacking with PMU’s current code), then maybe it could have a more specific effect. Perhaps it could boost recruit rate by a percentage rather than a fixed amount? In that case, depending on the mon’s recruit rate, there will be scenarios in which the AT is more effective, and others where the GM is more effective.

The reason the Amber Tear “sucks” right now Is because It was added recently. GM used to be In SF; got replaced with AT to try to balance things. The problem Is that the GM Is In a much earlier/easier place In comparison to the Amber Tear. 60 floors with little restrictions vs 99 floors and having to do the dungeon 3 whole entire times first.

I actually really dig the whole “percentage” Idea, making one or the other better depending on the recruit. However given both Items are based on the real versions of them from the Explorers games I don’t think their effects would be altered. The only way to alleviate this Is to change their locations. If anything Mewtwo should drop the Amber Tear, not the GM. I think GMs only other location as of now Is TC Normal 99 which…of course people are going to farm CCH for It Instead.

If you ask me I think GM Is deserving of being In such a stupid spot and not be In a farmable dungeon with good loot. There’s a shortage of Items that are useful and downright hard to get. Though maybe It could go In a new dungeon later on rather than playing musical chairs with dungeons and Item locations. Part of this Is also Inflation from before GM’s location was changed. Most people just have one now, and rarely lose their Items.

Late edit: So I was trolling when I said GM was In TC apparently. I swear that It was but… Amber Tear Is the one In TC Normal 99 which doesn’t make any sense. The Amber Tear Is harder to get than the GM ???

I absolutely don’t think Cch should be the one place to get a Golden Mask. It’s very very farmable. People argue that the puzzles are annoying; they really aren’t, especially with proper guides existing now.