An Idea for how Ball Fetch Could Work in PMU

Ball Fetch is currently an ability that does nothing. I’ve come up with a concept that shouldn’t be too hard to implement; an effect that would be useful but not overpowered.

I was thinking Ball Fetch could work as a variant of Pickup / Honey Gather.

Whenever your Yamper enters a new floor, there’s a 0.5 * level chance for it to pick up an orb. The list of orbs I believe it should be able to pick up are as follows, with each one having an equal chance of being pulled.

  • All-Aim Orb
  • All-Dodge Orb
  • All-Hit Orb
  • All-Mach Orb
  • All Power-Up Orb
  • All Protect Orb
  • Blowback Orb
  • Drought Orb
  • Foe-Hold Orb
  • Foe-Seal Orb
  • Health Orb
  • Invisify Orb
  • Luminous Orb
  • Mobile Orb
  • Nullify Orb
  • One-Room Orb
  • One Shot Orb
  • Petrify Orb
  • Pounce Orb
  • Recovery Orb
  • Recycle Orb
  • Shocker Orb
  • Slumber Orb
  • Spurn Orb
  • Stayaway Orb
  • Totter Orb
  • Trawl Orb
  • Two-Edge Orb