An introduction

Hello everyone! I’m Erukolindo. I discovered PMU a couple days ago and immediately knew that I had to give it a shot. I have two reasons for that. I’m a big fan of Mystery Dungeon games, and I’m also an indie developer working on a game inspired by this series. The latter is also the reason why I decided to make a forum account and why I made a topic about favourite/least favourite features in PMD - I want to know what attracted people to this series, so I could make a game that everyone will enjoy.
I don’t think I have anything else to say. I just joined to hopefully get some valuable feedback while enjoying a new Mystery Dungeon game.

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Hello there and a late welcome to Pokemon Mystery Universe, I hope you have a splendid time chilling and adventuring with the rest of explorers; It’s a big secret that you should never leave anything near the water or the Magikarps will have it.

as for what kept people playing pmu it has to be the drama… jkjk … sorta. All jokes aside though the community used to be amazing and many staff run events like mapping contests and such and it was so great even to this day easily can recall 200+ peoples names/main pokemon everyone was just so memorable for better or for worse hehe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
if you ever need any help spam me on forum or ask someone for my discord names lucilfer :slight_smile: :+1:

Hello there and welcome! I see you have a similar idea to me in which we both want to make a game inspired by the PMD series! XD

I didn’t look at other introductions before making mine, so I didn’t notice that. Kinda funny that two people who wrote their introductions one after another have the same idea in mind. Maybe we should exchange ideas (on discord?) so we can both make the best game possible.