Ankyron's Maps


Mapping, for me is a way of expressing inner feelings, quite similar to art. Mapping is an art! Mapping is fun and easy, and the best part is no matter how good you are, there’s always room for improvement, which makes it interesting. I hope the mapping form I used is okay, tried to put as many details as possible. This is my first experience of mapping ‘pmd style’ though I’m familiar with some of the tiles which were ripped from the trainer games. Here are my maps, I write journal entries so that I know where I made my mistakes, and hence I can improve. Here goes! I hope you enjoy!

Map#1: Lillypad Wonders!
Dimensions: 15x20
Tileset(s): 8
Journal Entry: This was a bit tricky since the layers gave issues, however it was solved.

Map#2: Savanna Grasslands
Dimensions: 15x20
Tileset(s): 8
Journal Entry: I liked this one, pity I saw my errors when I was done. Well, atleast I know where I went wrong!

Map#3: Team Rockets HQ
Dimensions: 15x 20
Tileset(s): 7 and 8
Journal Entry: My cutest creation! It looks as if girls overtook the hideout. I enjoyed this!

Map#4: Abstract Party
Dimensions: 15x20
Tileset(s): 4 and 8 and 7
Journal Entry: I was feeling crazy, as it is evident in the map. “Let"cha krazy out!”

Map#5: Frozen Fishsticks
Dimensions: 15x20
Tilesets: 4 and 7
Journal Entry: Chilly! The ice pillars remind me of “fish n chips” weird!

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Reasons: To be used later.

Post reserved
Reasons: To be used later.

Ohohoh. Getting better.

Make sure to use the little things that connect two corners of a cliff. :S

These are pretty good, I look forward to seeing what else you can make!

Awesome maps. But yeah, like Agu said, maybe work on your cliffs. Add the little connecting parts to it to neaten it up, but over-all, cool.


Just out of interest did you do these in the external Map Editor? Since the snow looks a little outdated, and there’s more grass to choose from. You should use your house in-game, considering the external Map Editor hasn’t been updated since forever. This results in the in-game houses having a wider variety of tiles to use. Overall, you’re getting better as Agu said, you need to use the corner connectors!
Thanks for reading,

Yeah, I sometimes use the map-editor, since I need a larger expanse of area to map. The ideas I come up with usually take up more then the required place, so yeah. But you are right I do need to use the house-map! Updates and all.


You have some nice designs going on Ankyron!
Some overall advice for all of the maps, just try and smooth things out to make them flow. Blocky things seem more unnatural. Also, if something looks chopped off or missing, its usually an error, ex: Top of signs, bottom of cliff in F. Fishsticks, and cliff corners; just somethings to keep in mind. :)

The Fishticks and Grassland maps were my favorite, keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. ^-^~

Thanks for the advice Char! :D You’ve given me a clearer conscience regarding mapping, also, The second post is for 30x40 maps, which will be made later, however as swamp said the map editor does not have some features, such as the bridges and snow covered grass, so it’s a bit difficult to make/recreate maps extending house length. Once again, thanks! I’ll keep you updated on skype for any more maps I make!