Arceus's death (sign up)RP

The God of pokemon has died. No one knows why. Since then, Rayquasa, Darkri, Zeraora, Palkia, Dialga, and Girantina have been the only legendarys not fighting and the world has been thrown into chaos. Girantina has let the sane pokemon that want to hide into the alternate world with the only non-fighting legendarys.(also known as the group called POP(protectors of peace)) You or your parents followed girantina to the alternate world and made a village. That was 10 years ago. A Prophecy has been discovered since telling that peace would return.

You can have 1 ability, 6 moves, and any type of accsesory. You can also use an apearence if you want. You can only have unusual eye color(example: purple eyes), and it can be a shiny.
I will do a layout to show you.

Age:(has to be 5-30)
Ability:(has to be an ability that pokemon can have in the game)
Moveset: (has to be a moveset that pokemon can have in the game)
Accsesorys/Different looks:
Shiny:(yes or no)
Different eye color: (yes or no. If yes, state the different colors for the eyes)
Bacckstory: (Not over PG13, parents can die)
Other: (basicly if you want to put anything else, put it here)