[!!] Attention! Client Fix: Replace .exe [!!]

Please Read: Client Fix

Hope you’re all having a great day!

I hate to bother you as you hatch your eggs from Easter, so I’ll get right to it. Recently, while pushing a client update to remedy bugs as well as add features such as a new map-saving warning/shop-fixes and make a back up, we realized we accidentally made a mistake in the second last client update, we included the “Debug” build of the client instead of the “Release” one in the update package, which was received by all those who managed to download the update with the given time span. The problem is, the “Debug” clients bypass the updater and anyone using these clients won’t be able to pick any new updates published. Which is unfortunate as they will have a limited experience.

Fortunately, we were quickly able to find a solution. In order to receive future updates, you must replace your current .exe with the following exe:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/b43jqgq1pyp0c1p/PMU.rar (If you have troubles with the link, mention in the comments or send a staff a PM in-game)

We regret this mistake, but hope that you will understand that our intentions were simply to improve your experience, here at PMU. We hope you can forgive any inconveniences caused and will help us get this message to as many users as possible. We plan continue working to allow for better fixes.

Any other issues brought into light will be compensated. Any help forwarding this message will be extremely appreciated.

Thank you,
PMU Staff

This is completely forgiven and understandable thank you for letting us all know!

I am confused as to what exactly I’m supposed to do…

Since I noticed many of the players have been unsure or lost about what exactly is to be done I decided to make a tiny guide which could help you out.
Honestly it’s a fairly simple process but there’s no harm in having assurance about what to do so here it is:

Step 1: Head over to the forums to get details and the download link for the new PMU.exe file
Forum thread link : http://pmuniverse.net/forum/showthread.php?10080-!!-Attention!-Client-Fix-Replace-exe-!!
New file link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b43jqgq1pyp0c1p/PMU.rar

Screenshot(1) : https://spiky.io/660

Step 2: After downloading the file and locating it,

Step 2[A](optional) : Make a new folder in a convenient location such as your desktop, and copy the zip file you just downloaded in it. Next, create a sub folder called “back up” within it. 
Then head over to your PMU folder which is ideally located at :
C:\Program Files\Pokemon Mystery Universe\Client\Client
Once there copy the original PMU application(the one with the logo) into the sub folder “back up”

Screenshot(2[A]-1) : https://spiky.io/661
Screenshot(2[A]-2) : https://spiky.io/662

Then extract the zip file using Windows’ built in software or Applications like WinZip, WinRAR, etc. This can be done by right clicking the file and selecting “extract files” or “extract here”.
Screenshot(2) : https://spiky.io/663
Once through with that you should have the new similar looking application file of PMU within the folder.

Step 3 : Copy the extracted PMU application file and paste it into the PMU folder. When prompted that it already exists select “copy and replace”.
Screenshot(3-1) : https://spiky.io/664
Screenshot(3-2) : https://spiky.io/665

Step 4 : Congratulations if things went well you can continue playing with no more hindrances! If not and you’re having some issues, restore the old Application from the backup you created in step 2[A], replacing the new one you just put in a similar fashion. After which you can try contacting the Staff Team, they will guide you better!
That’s about it, yep in other words just replace a file.
Hope this at least help the ones who were not very sure what to do, good luck everyone! :]

Is there a way to tell if you have the debug client instead of the released one? I could’ve sworn I got an update earlier, however I’m a little concerned I’m confusing last night with earlier today…

One way to check is looking in “Select Server” on the log in screen, if the debug one shows up then yep you did get it. Although it’s always safe to replace it regardless.

Thank you for the guide, Veezo!

Granted, I’m trying to figure out a solution that would detect the debug clients and force them to update automatically, hopefully I’ll come up with something…

when im updated its said not valid for win 32 bit ;; what shud i do ?

Is it possible to get the correct version by using the installer to re-install or fix the client?

Unfortunately, PMU is no longer supported by Windows XP, and it’s now required to have .NET Framework 4.5 installed on your machine in order to play the game. Sincere apologies.


Glad to hear that, Foxie. Thanks for the info!