Auction Bid Warning

Hi! I’m Kecleon, and I’m here to suggest things so other people don’t suffer from grievous and terrible mistakes like I did. As I am both blind and illiterate, I happened to have bid 7 million instead of 700k. This, unfortunately, isn’t the first time for events such as these (I recall an incident a while back where someone bid 2 mil instead of 200k for a pack of silks!), but it sure is a shame, because it wipes out a lot of work and fun if you mess up once.

I propose that instead of allowing these horrible typos to persist, there’s instead a warning of threshold if you’re bidding a certain degree over what you’d normally bid. For example, if the last bid was 20k and you type in an extra 0 to bid 250k instead of 25k, that’s still a devastatingly large gap. For most players, that’s their life savings! And if they’re unlucky enough to not be outbid, that’s their life savings gone for a pretty rock or something.

Beyond a certain point, I’d like to suggest that bids that are double or more of the original bid have a ‘are you really sure you want to do this’ message confirming the amount of money that you’re about to bid. It’s really just a safety net to prevent against the inability to count. An extra press of the key can ruin people’s lives, but an extra prompt can save those lives.

alternatively offering more than ten times than the previous offer should be considered a human error and staff should compensate naturally instead of punishing that player

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Unless you’re that person who raised the Mystery Eggs from 5K to 60K.

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dude if i got a mystery egg for 60k i feel like i would need to test my luck and rob a bank next cuz that’s a damn steal

in all due sincerity this suggestion is kind of a no brainer qol life thing, it’s just going to occur uh, maybe once every six months when auctions arrive. instances like the above would make it tad annoying, actually(e.g pushing a music item from 100k-200k). i think staff ruling it case by case is probs best if they don’t find this option particularly appealing though

Oh yeah, yeah–it definitely should be applied when it gets to the 100K range.

I agree with this premise. Truthfully, I don’t know how hard it is to redo a bid and I apologize if it is super difficult, but I feel like recognizing that it goes from 600K to 7M is a large enough degree with which you can say to redo the auction.

Perhaps Kecleon wanted the item at 700K, but someone else wanted the item at 800K. Holding the 7M bid basically hurts Kecleon, who spent 6.3M more than she wanted, and the person who wanted at 800K, who wanted the item for a greater “amount” but didn’t get it. I personally do not really see this situation as particularly gratifying all around, and while this may be low on the priority list to fix automatically, it’d be nice if something could be done manually to get around it.


While we can implement the bid warning, we really can’t reverse this bid after the auction for the item has ended. Although rare this is something that has happened to others in the past and it wouldn’t be fair to them.

I can actually sorta see this being abused by people to try to get another chance to snipe or something. “oops I accidentally bid 666 million time to redo”
Other than that I’m not opposed to this I just wanted to say something about that. As I said In the auction at some points I spent 2 million on a Globe of choice by accident ( here’s a video of that ). Though that’s not half as much and I had a friend pay for my mistake as well so I didn’t have It as bad as Kecleon even.

Now I understand why you were starting that commissions thing that charges poke for art a bit more clearly…

that was no accident on the silk pack i did 2m on purpose xD

Personally, I think that that is a good idea!!! :smiley:

This is my biggest concern with any sort of intervention as well.

I think if sniping is no longer a concern due to the countdown being automated and refreshing on every bet, then we’ll probably see less panic bids and a warning system will be less likely to stop you from bidding at the last second or something.

That just leaves the question of what formula should be used to determine an “abnormally high” bid.

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If it were me, I think any bid that adds more than 25,000 Poké should be checked.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int userBid, currentBid;
int checkBid = userBid - currentBid;
if (checkBid > 25000) {
    while (cin.get() != '/n')  { 
    cout << "You are bidding " << userBid << " Poké, which is " << checkBid << " Poké above the current bid. Are you certain you wish to proceed?" << endl;
        if (choice1) {
            currentBid = checkBid;
        else {

Excuse my poor C++ code as I don’t know how to program in C++. I thought I’d give at least an idea of how the check could work.


pmus made in c# pretty sure but good of you to to provide an example :slight_smile: