Basil's Attempts

Last Updated 11/21/15!

Hey, all! I just joined today and found out about the map editor, so I immediately went to go make my house. (Thank you Zango!)

So far I"m having a lot of fun, and there"s really a lot you can do which is amazing. I can"t wait to show my house off to my sister once it"s finished. (???´?)

Here"s the WiP of Fig"s house so far!

I"ve figured out how blocks and fringe works, so now you can go behind the house without walking over it and the same goes for the trees. You can also “go inside” the house, which is pretty cute.

I"m trying my best to see how animation works, but so far no luck. All it does is flash. ^^;

I can"t seem to find a house guide, but if someone could help me understand animation, I"d be grateful!

Excellent house! I do want to caution you when you ‘take a screenshot’ using the map editor’s button. It will cut off one tile off of the top and left edges if I recall correctly.

Ah! You’re right, I didn’t notice until you said something. I’ll avoid screenshots with the map editor. ^^;

Yay! Skitty map!

In-game screenshots cut off bottom row of tiles. But not if you check “Only capture visible area” at /edithouse > Take Screenshot. Works for unexpanded houses!

Good job your getting pretty good with it :D