Better ethers (won't let me post it with just that)

Currently the selection of ethers we have is…lacking, compared to food anyway. Speaking of food there are several ways to use less of it or none at all while with ethers you have to pack a ridiculous amount of or constantly pick more up, which is why I think we should have better ether options. I have 3 ideas that could help cut down on needed ether space significantly.
1: ethers that effect the entire team. bananas already do the same with hunger so it’s definitely implementable, plus it could be added to jello or elixers to add a reason to use them over ethers when playing alone
2: multi ethers. basically ethers that can be used more than once, not my favorite of the options however as it would likely be clunky and seem off.
3: bigger ethers. another simple one, ethers that over-fill your pp similar to golden apples, this one fits well, but may be hard to implement.

If even just one of these were added saving space in your bag would be much easier, and likely add reason to explore certain dungeons for supplies even more.

Agree. Hunger items are getting a lot of additions like Golden Apples and Banana Bunches, while PP-restoring tiems are still forgotten.

As you said, an Ether that affect the entire team, a Ether Pack (or something like it): Increase PP by 10 for each Pokemon in the party, both yours and other players’. If not too OP, Max Ether Pack could also be coded.

The second option in my opinion seems pretty uneccessary (my least favorite), but still, if the Multi-Ether was implemented in the game, it would probably be really rare and OP.

The PP-overfilling ether (Third option) is my favorite idea of the bunch, since you compared it perfectly to another item, the Golden Apple. So why not we have a Golden Ether? Basically, it could work like a Max Ether (like Golden Apple works like a Big Apple) but with the twist of filling beyond the number limit.

Anyway, @Qualia, I agree on EVERYTHING except the second option. You got my vote! :chikoritaye:

Golden Apple exist in PMD, but not Golden Ether. However, I do see a possibility of PP-Up which is also present in PMD

I do like this option the most out of the three, but its also the only one that really makes sense to me. I could especially see Jell-o having this effect!

Having Ethers that can be used multiple times just doesn’t seem right to me. I know this is probably to work with inventory space issues, but I feel like its not too bad of a problem for most players. Inventory management can be tricky, especially for newer players, so I can see them struggling with having enough supplies for runs at times. :< But thankfully most dungeons give a fair amount of Ethers/supplies, so I don’t think its too big of a problem.

I’m not sure how to feel about this one, since I don’t think “over-filling PP” would be a good idea. Yeah, we have Golden Apples, but hunger is pretty different from PP.

I can see the first option being implemented possibly! The others feel kinda off to me, but I don’t think they’re bad suggestions. :o

I sorta disagree. A well sorted inventory usually gets me through any dungeon fairly easy, without ever lacking PP. Also, max 6 bag pages is already a lot to play around with. And even without the 6 pages, it sounds only normal to me that you have to pick up PP items if you ever lack them (there’s plenty in dungeons anyway).

It doesn’t sound too bad on paper. Not sure what the impact will be on gameplay.

My biggest concern is that both options encourage the camping method. When camping (aka AFKing) on a floor for hours, it makes thousands of pokémon spawn. And then having an insane/unlimited amount of PP to work with instead of other items. You won’t deplete of resources any time soon and can probably get exp until wind timer hits.

I’m already aware this could be a thing without those items. It’s just this would encourage it even more :x

Also like Lumi said, hunger is different from PP. But I’ll try to explain this further. We can already negate hunger in several ways through the game by healing etc, so hunger is barely even an issue anyway. BUT if we end up boosting the amount of PP we can get or have an unlimited amount of PP, it means we also have an unlimited amount of healing we can do. (sounds a bit broken to me)

for one I’m pretty sure that’s bug abuse, for two that’s already possible it just requires you to escape orb more often, I don’t think that it would cause much increase