Block status-recovery moves from other players in the overworld

It’s rather annoying that whenever I’m asleep in town or in front of HC during an event, someone can just use Heal Bell or Refresh when I’m not looking and I won’t notice until much later. It’s annoying and it’s stupid that this even happens. Before someone suggests using a Blight Clay, there are two issues to that, the first being that when holding a disguise you can’t even hold a Blight Clay or the illusion vanishes. The second being that you shouldn’t need an extremely niche item just to sleep in town without getting Refresh spammed constantly. Tl;dr block status recovery moves from affecting other players in the overworld, it’s unnecessary and causes problems to afk players.

Baton Pass and later Hold Blight Clay.

Well, you are AFK at the end, anything can happen there (Most of the times disconnection…).
The most accurate solution to that, is prevent effects apply outside dungeons.

Problem is, when this kept happening in Flowerblossom Fields, Baton Pass was actually disabled, so that didn’t work at all. Trust me, I tried

why not… just make blight clay a team item? wouldn’t that work?


I second this unless there’s some conflict that I can’t think of. Not only would It solve the Issue In this topic but additionally It would allow Pokemon who benefit from statuses to stay statused while also being able to use healing beds and not worry about a teammate using Heal Bell or Refresh to cure their own status conditions.


Blocking status recovery moves in the entire overworld may have quite a few future impacts that we’ll need to assess. However, we have made Blight Clay a team held item now per feedback given in this thread+by Rokuru in-game. This will allow players to wear a disguise item and also sleep without fear of being woken up. We’ll monitor this change in the short-term and continue to evaluate whether more needs to be done in the future.

Thank you for the suggestion!