Bonjour! Aka; herro.

Hey there! So people know if me in game as Absolve, I started yesterday night but I was playing a few months ago. My favorite Pokemon is Jolteon, and I’m a bit of a shy person when it comes to new people. I hope I can get to know everyone. °•°

Welcome to PMU and the forums! I also love jolteon, its my favorite of the eeveelutions! I hope you enjoy your stay and if you need any help feel free to give me a poke c:

Thanks Kit will do, and I’m happy to see another Jolteon lover. He gets so left out sometimes. (Almost as much as Flareon)

Hey! Nice to see you on the forums. ^^ Holteon is a favorite of mine too, but I prefer Luxray. xD


I like Luxray too, hence why I chose Shinx. :rawr: And well, I knew I’d probably have to join the forums if I had any problems.