Boxes's rusty signatures topic!!!!!!!!

hey,i made a post of practicing my signatures so i can shoot up a shop hopefully ??? hope this works,
so here we go

aint she a beauty,whoa!!!

if you have any requests,send them. uvu

no request form!!

I got a request, if that’s alright.
Pokemon: Swanna.
Text: Drakos.
Background Colours: Blue and white and whatever else fits in. In fact, do whatever you want with the background.
Thanks. ;)

Sweet banner! Makes me want to try doing one again :P

Wowee wow Boxes is back yay!


Pokemon: Togekiss
Text: Without text.
Background colors: White or Togekiss colors.
Other: Rounded corners if you can. Also, can add some little hearts? o;

Thanks. ~

here’s drakos!! sorry if it sucks,i was kind of lazy (it’s so hot here)
i also think i should get bigger sized templates so it could show the pokemon more,so that will change!!!


sorry if it doesn’t look like exactly what you wanted ?? i get carried away a lot with my signatures,sorry ahh…

Thanks, it looks great. ;o

Um yeah, looked a little empty so I decided to request again.

Text: Drakos.
Pokemon: Gabite.
Background Colour: Red and blue and stuff.
H/W: 140x375.

Thanks. ;)

Text: Erlade
Subtext: Sky full of lighters~
Color Theme: Green, cyan, dark pink, others you might think suitable.
Size: 400 x 250; curved edges.
Pokemon: Gallade.

Text: iWolfy
Subtext: Never back down!
Color Theme: black, dark blue and light blue.
Size: 400 x 250; curved edges.
Pokemon: Luxray

I hope it wont be too much work~

woowow! hello requests!! I’ll get on them soon,I’m busy with a lot of stuff right now so it’s kind of hard for me to make signatures while I’m in these situations,but I will get them done soon!!

Boxes, you may want to consider closing your shop when the requests get overkill.

Pokemon: Typhlosion Text: Team Rocket Member Background: Orange, red, Flames And i got a question how do i put a banner as my Signature? I really want a Banner as my Signature.

oh wow these are really good boxes!!!