Brand new player fantastic to be here!

I’ve been itching for more pmd content. heck, i’ve been making a pmd/pokemon ranger crossover fic that I need to make the cover for

so this is a welcome surprise!
Pmd has always been one of my comfort games. so i’m so happy to see something like this~!

glad to be here, and who knows? maybe we’ll help each other in game sometime :D


Welcome to the community!


Aye, welcome! I’m Missin, the Guildmaster of EoE! If you’ve got questions, ask!

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Greetings and Welcomes! hope you enjoy the game :zoomtah:
also hopefully you don’t find it too complex, players say this game is especially hard to learn if your a pmd fan due to how different it works and how many mechanics you need to unlearn,
please make sure to ask questions often! no matter how trivial you may think they are!
we are all eager to help as much as possible! :vulpixjoy: