Buff Recycle Move!

Can we make it also Unstick Items? The same way recycle does with Grimy Stuff? 1 by 1 by holding it?

Well that’s everything!

I don’t think it needs a buff to be honest. I think as a move Recycle is fine and still does well contributing to grimy’s. Traps are meant to be annoying!
Additionally, you can have a No Stick Cap which is a team held item that makes you immune to any items from getting sticky which is by far your best bet, apart from Cleanse Orbs.

Recycle is already very useful as is, in my opinion. I don’t think it should have more uses really, or else it could be kinda ‘op’?

And like Dodds said, there’s already No-Stick Caps you can use to easily avoid having your items become sticky. There’s even Cleanse Orbs in most dungeons already as well, so I don’t think there’s really a need for it to unstick items. :[

Same like say bring Recycle orbs or Trap Scarf! the point of this is, not everyone equips that, or the team to pull (Tight Belt/Stamina Band, Exp All, Miracle Chest, X) where X can be treasure spects, no-stick cap also, null amulet, scavenger charm, etc. the combinations are way a lot. I se mostly null amulet or treasure specs, so, I thought, if for recycle we have a move, an orb and and an item. why not also make the move works like cleanse? that’s the concept of this.