Calliope theme! ^U^

Have you ever wanted your PMU to have Homestuck??
NOW IT CAN :joy:

This theme features Calliope, mostly being her troll persona!

Main Menu

Game Window

Character Select

New Account

Delete Account

Loading Bar

And here is the download link! :heart:

Please let me know what you think of it! :D

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Ohmygoodnesss<333 I love this! Calliope is so adorable. c’: I love all the pictures you chose~

This is mega adorbs. ;u; Thank youu. Totally using this~

Aaaa~ thank you!! ;w; I’m so glad you like it! :heart:

I just had to use the drawings made by DuedlyFirearms herself! oUo She’s the one who makes all of Callie’s art in the comic and everything is just so cute!! :joy:

Tempted to redownload PMU just to have a homestuck theme implanted in it.

omg so kawaii i love calliope best homestuck character -downloads-

now this is amazing! love it! going to download it and install it. [i"m still having difficulties of making it my current skin.] but i"ll figure it out eventually.

Well done with this as it looks rather appealing and engrossing, I’m probably tempted to give it a try

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