Can admins help me?


Well… One day I logged into PMU to create a shop, and I went to my house, but… when I clicked Visit My House, it just closed out of the house searcher without going to my house. I could move around, and leave the house district place. I asked Luli about it and she said that I lost my house because of a bug. She also said that the only way I might get it back is to ask an admin to help… so, ya. Could I get help, or is it possible for a regular member to fix the bug?

Thank you in advance.


To be honest a few other players have the same housing bug (Including me) For now, I’m not even sure if the admins can fix it because sprinko’s house is also bugged/locked D: I think you should report this to the locked house thread here~


Ok, Thank you for the help.