Can't downlaod installer

Hey so I just recently found out about PMU and I was so excited because i’m a huge pokemon mystery dungeon fan.

 Only the thing is, with the new webpage I can't find a place to download the installer. I have the PMU zipped file, I don't know if i'm just not seeing it or its gone or its hidden somewhere or whatever. Just please help me out, thanks.

Hi there !
If you have already downloaded the PMU Client on this site:, you should be able to play normally by just extracting the .zip file, open the Client folder and start the game with the PMU.exe.

Hey there, welcome to PMU!
Currently there’s no installer on the downloads page ( however, the zip file you’ve downloaded is all you need to start playing.
Simply follow a few steps to get started :

  1. Right click and extract the downloaded .zip file, ideally in accessible locations such as your Desktop or Program Files.
  2. In the extracted folder called “Client”, Locate the PMU Application file, which also has the PMU logo. If you have file extensions enabled it’s the .exe file in the Client folder
  3. Start up the application file after which it may automatically update and you can create a character to start playing!

Apologies that you didn’t receive a prompt reply, you may have already figured this out but I wanted to make sure. Feel free to ask any questions you might have to the community, it’s a friendly one! Also in case you have any further issues/queries, I’d suggest joining the PMU Discord chat (Server invite link :, it’s fairly active.

Also Welcome to the game joining the discord may be a good idea as its easier to get an answer on there then on the forums :)