Can't Log in or reset password?

Hello uh, I haven’t played in a long time and wanted to get back into it with a friend but I cant seem to log in? I know my password and username but it wont let me in. As well as trying to reset my password, the email never shows up.

The client was completely overhauled earlier this year, you may need to redownload from

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I have just redownloaded it today, still doesn’t work.

What error are you getting?

I’m not really getting an error, every time I log in it says its incorrect but I definitely know it, as well as no matter what I do an email never appears for me. I’m not sure what to do.

Do you still have your old client installed somewhere, or did you overwrite it with the new one?

I believe I have the old one still.

Your login details may still be saved in its settings.xml file, then. Navigate to your old install’s root folder and open settings.xml. It should look something like password1234

Ah I am a fool, I seemed to have been off by one in my old username. Thank you so much for helping lmao.


Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes, emails get filtered to it.
As Leo stated, go into your client. Open settings.xml. Look for this

Not a real account. Don’t recommend anyone making that their login

Should you still have problems, i have 2 last things for you to try.
1: I have uploaded a copy of my client (minus login info, screenies, and whatnot)!iz4wFAxJ!okMe6AI-pf6BAT2JIjZFs_8HJWRMYeik3fG9XMVkxvE

2: Send a message to Andy. Through here or through Discord.

Edited the reply because the forum censors code that’s in brackets.

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Happy to hear it works, enjoy PMU!

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