Cat Therapy.

hello i am Pmus cat maniac and i was thinking of making a forum full of cat gifs and pictures. if you have played a scary game or life is troubling you and you cant put your mind to rest, or you just want to see some cat posts you have come to the right forum, you are welcome to postt anything cat related here or just tell me whats troubling you, im not really a therapist but cat pictures are the next best thing. :!!:

Let me add my cat gifs in. o_o

These are some of my favorites XD


Might as well. This cat loves to come to visit my house, not entirely sure where she came from, but I call her Bella. I uploaded the files but don’t wanna seperate them all, so here you guys go.

happy birthday pmu!

I love animals, but most of all love dogs) I have two cats. One very silly and funny)

very cute

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