Cats vs Dogs

I saw this on another forum so I was like WYNAUT?
So basically its a battle between dogs and cats.
So this is how it works
~It is simple you vote for your favorite like this:
-To vote for dog +1 the number
-To vote for cats -1 the number
-The start number is 1000
-If the number reaches 2000 dogs win
-If the number reaches 0 cats win
-You cannot vote twice i a row
-Staff can +2 or -2
Example:Player 1:1001
Player 2:Cats~ 1000
So get the drift?
Well have fun I"ll start~~
Go Dogs!~



1000, what you don’t know me PMU!



Once again, 999~

And once again, 1000.


MUAHAHAHAHA!!! CAT RULEZ! (even i have dog)

For about the Umpteenth time, 1000.

Well… BACK TO 999

Aaaaaaand back to 1000.

we were at 1000 right?
well anyway… 1001, sorry cats

And now, FINALLY back to 1002.

ohhhhh no you don’t.


Oh, gawd, not again.

c: 1001

RAEG. 1002.