Center Seafloor Ruins item increase


Seafloor ruins center is WAAAAAAAAY too hard only one team member freezing muddy water spam and only 3 measly items i mean I want phone as much as the next guy but imo its not worth going to hell and back (sorry if I can’t say that)

My suggestion is either allow at least 2 team members OR allow at least 10 items

Thanks for ur time


I think it’s fine as is. The Pokemon I used was far from 100 when I got Phione. Just get a Trap Scarf or something, it solves most problems.


Lightning rod kills me and I also use a level 100 and my money is drained completely from buying revival herbs just to get a friggin pokemon and its not worth torturing myself just to get 1 pokemon


Perhaps you need a change of tactics. Oh yeah, at one point you’ll be limited to 1 item. Better get ready.