Change Sleepless Status

Currently from what I can gather, there is no way to remove the sleepless status caused by things like Uproar. I feel like sleepless status should either wear off or be blocked by Safeguard or gems, because as of now, if you rely on Rest as your healing move because you have no other options, you can get screwed over pretty badly by dungeons with Uproar. I ran some CI Depths with Swanna (and soon stopped using it despite it learning Roost since I was mobile scarfing it) and planned to run DD/DDD with with Phione eventually, but the existence of Uproar in these dungeons just make it unfriendly to the point where I hesitate to bring these mons there due to the fear of dying unnecessary deaths. And let’s face it, every time you die it’s a chance, albeit small, to accidentally hit the Giveup command and I would like to avoid having to rolling onto that small chance.

but the prob with this is that sIeepIess status can aIso be considered a buff :o
so u don’t want it to be prevented safeguard/gems

oh i know! to soIve this we just change where it takes effect.

so maybe a good compromise is:
you can stiII be affIicted with the status whiIe ur gemmed/safeguarded
much in the same way eIectric terrain stiII works when you have a gem.

however if you have safeguard or a gem, you’re stiII abIe to seIf rest. much in the same way that enemies can’t make you sIeep when you have a gem, but you can stiII sIeep yourseIf

Ohh yeah, that would be really good omg. Like how Sweet Veil allows you to Rest but prevents other sources of sleep. Actually, now I’m surprised why it doesn’t already work like this haha.