Changes to Tanren Chambers and Sky Fortress Missions

When running Tanren Chambers and Sky Fortress with missions, the most annoying part is that you cannot also run B99F TC or the SF Gardens, it always spits you out at B93F Normal for TC, and makes you go the Fire Route in SF.

The changes I’d like to suggest are:

For TC:
Shift the missions up by 10 floors. Instead of making them run mostly in 86, 87, 88, 89 Normal, they should run mostly in 96, 97, 98, and 99 Normal, allowing you to reach end box as well as completing your missions.

For SF:
Shift the 6* missions down by 10 floors. From the 50s to 40-49. This way they fall before the SF Gardens threshold and can be done on the way to a run to the end.

I’m sure that this was done on purpose initially, so that people could not do missions and get to the best reward on the same run, the problem is that you can run DDD or DS missions just fine and not have to touch TC or SF. I think it would really make these dungeons more visited and appreciated if a change was made to allow missions to run B99F TC and SF Gardens.

If devs would really feel this is unbalanced, they could also make the rank points that those missions give less. It kind of takes away the point of running SF or TC if it spits you out early, and doesn’t make the run feel satisfying at the end.

I believe an ideal solution would be to make it so the path doesn’t matter for completing missions; though it wouldn’t make very much sense lore-wise for a SF mission to both be completable in the fire path and Sky Garden, for example, it would be a great quality of life feature that might be worth the trade-off of it not making sense in-universe.

A benefit this would have over the proposed solution would be that for Tanren Chambers missions, players would not be limited to running the normal path.

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This solution would also work, but is one I was hesitant to propose. Both because of the supposed spaghetti code of PMU (it is very old) and because it wouldn’t be very lore-friendly for a mission to be able to take place on multiple different routes at once.

I would assume that changing the floors would be easier and require less of a coding workaround. (I.E. Changing a singular value of what floor the missions are on, rather than trying to make it work on all routes.)

I could see a short-term solution of changing what floors the missions are on, and a long-term solution of trying to make them work on all routes.

The only problem with the 6* SF missions being completed in Sky Garden, is that there are 8* SF missions in Sky Garden specifically. I have never seen an 8* SF mission before, though.

I think there used to be 8* missions in Sky Garden, but they don’t exist anymore.

I didn’t know they’d been removed! The last time I played was a long while ago. If I’d known, then my suggestion would have definitely been to just move them to Sky Gardens ^^;

Missions in the 90s range already exist, and its seperated by rank. *8 are for 99F exit whereas *7 are for the 80s range. While *8 are rare, I definitely seen a *8 TC going to 94 once.

Hm. I just think that the common missions should be available to make a run for TC Normal Ending. It’s weird that the missions that reward more let you get the better end box but the missions that reward less funnel you into Normal 93. They could add an exit on Normal 92 to prevent this, or change the missions. Idk, just SOMETHING that makes regular TC missions not such a slog


Part of the issue with missions right now is they’re in a very weird spot. Our system only really accomodates two ranks of missions for each dungeon right now, which makes it the system work a bit differently than we’d like. Normally we’d love for people to be able to do the lower rank of dungeons at the same time as hitting the top goal of the dungeon. From my understanding, that makes it so for TC we can’t really put it onto the main path for beating Normal 99 due to each chamber only really having a 3 floor range.

For SF, the problem extends a bit deeper. The dungeon had a massive reward issue in previous iterations that made the prospect of garden missions with its top ranked items. That problem isn’t as big a factor anymore since the removal of Golden Mask, but now this dungeon is in general in a limbo state. I can’t comment a ton more on this subject currently but it’s unlikely we’ll make many more changes to SF or anything surrounding it for at least a while.

Either way I do like the suggestion! Missions are certainly something we want to take a greater focus on at some point moving forward.

i’m a bit confused on this stament, because there’s 5 floors from normal 94 to 99, not 3 since you can switch into as soon as floor 93 is passed.