Chat revisioning

Thank to Chaosgenesis, we’ve finally got a good hold of the issue we’ve been having on chatango.
We’ve decided to split up into two chats. Main game and roleplay
mchat would be discontinued though. It was a bit too glitchy and we didn’t wanted to overwhelm the mods with tabs.

We’ve also got cute tiny heart gold and soul silver based emotes! :heart:

The chat is very nice and it sounds good to make more ppl come on here, also the smileys are way better then Chatango’s though i’d have to get used to this ^_^

I love the new chat! And the smileys too :D

I love the new chat aswell good work.
As for the smilies i think that the other ones should be here too but hey they are amazing :D

Excellent improvement Flare. I love it. :) Hope everyone else does too! ^.^ :la:

I like the old chat better :/

Updated the chat page. Now it should link up to a chatango and mchat page

I think the new smilies are alright but there isn’t a large variety to use.
:dot: :!!: :!: :D :heart: :joy: :la: :mad: :no: :?: :sad: :sick:

Agreed. if you guys come across any good potential emotes, you know where to go! :joy:

Edit: I could also make animations out of them, in-case it’s just a sprite sheet.

I like the idea of having two chats, makes people that like the old chat, and people who like the new happy. x3

Okay, I think we might just have something here :!!:

All these smileys are reallly cute, I love them! :heart: :heart: :heart:

We got nine new ones, thanks to Kallen. :la:

Wewt! New Smilies are awesome!~
Thank you Kallen!

Haha~ welcome everyone! ^-^;

:>_<: Kallen= Seviper? If so thanks! Ilysm <3 :joy:

[sub]Thank Mew, no more minichat. DX I didn"t like it.[/sub]

Hmm… Does anyone mind posting a link to the new chat? I can’t seem to find it.
And the chatango is SO empty now! Not ONCE have I ever logged in, with no one else there. Seems a bit scary, but I hope this change is for the best.

Though it’s under the “links” section already in Chat. The old one was turned into a RP chat.

[sub]No one uses it for RP though