Clarification on PMU's stance surrounding the use of LGBTQ+ terms

About PMU’s stance on the use of LGBTQ+ terms (ie: transgender, gay, lesbian, hetero):

We believe it is important to be able to express yourself and who you are in PMU and want to emphasize that there is no explicit rule against talking about these topics.

However, keep in mind these can be sensitive topics, and misuse of the terms in any shape or form is against the rules. This includes misusing the terms as insults, intentionally harassing/making others feel uncomfortable about the topic, arguments, etc. Additionally, discussion around identity, as with other topics, should adhere to the game’s PG-13 rating.

Comments, questions or concerns should be directed to the Staff Team.


In addition to this, I feel that a list of proper LGBTQA+ terms should be added on to this post. It’s good to have a reference of proper terminology than to accidentally insult or misuse the descriptors.


Thank you so much for that link, Tactician! We unfortunately did not intend to allow replies to this thread but if anyone has any concerns about anything in this post or further perspective to give us, please do not hesitate to PM one of the staff members on the forums or DM us on discord! We would love to hear what you have to say!