Cleaning Up My Storage! [Closed]

My storage is full. I’ve decided to clean it up via selling items. If you see something you want, offer a price.

I’ve gone ahead and make a .zip file to view the contents.

  • Items in red are not for sale.
  • Items in yellow will be sold (future edits).
  • The selection is based on a first come, first serve basis.
  • I will try my best to update this list after each trade is done.

Do you have like a pastebin or anything? I’d rather not have to download anything.

why not make a google doc? i don’t think too many people (myself included) are going to download a file to see what someone has for sale

I can. Though i don’t see what the big deal is with downloading a small file size, extracting the contents, viewing those images i’ve prepared and deleting it afterwards.

Big Mushroom: 10
Mushroom: 86
Yellow Shard: 4
Blue Shard: 25
Red Shard: 9
Green Shard: 61
Heart Scale: 1
TM Safeguard: 5
TM Dazzling Gleam: 2
TM Dragon Tail: 2
TM Grass Knot: 3
TM Flash Cannon: 2
TM Sludge Bomb: 1
TM Dark Pulse: 4
TM Rock Slide: 1
TM Rock Tomb: 4
TM Psychic: 2
TM U-Turn: 3
TM Incinerate: 1
TM Thunderbolt: 3
TM Echoed Voice: 2
TM Overheat: 2
TM Volt Switch: 2
TM Psyshock: 2
TM Sunny Day: 1
TM Rest: 4
TM Round: 1
TM Shadow Claw: 2
TM Ice Beam: 1
Honey: 4
Restore Power: 5
Sun Stone: 3
Shell Bell: 1
Razor Fang: 3
Dawn Stone: 1
Lunar Herb: 1
Shiny Stone: 1
Full Restore: 1
Leaf Stone: 3
Poison Dust: 1
Friend Bow: 9
Dragon Scale: 1
Water Stone: 3
Damp Rock: 1
Max Revive: 1
Thunder Stone: 1
Link Cable: 3
Silver Key: 5
X-Ray Specs: 4
Miracle Chest: 1
Moon Stone: 1
Soothe Bell: 2
Frozen Rock: 3
Golden Apple: 1
Warp Scarf: 2
Fire Stone: 1
Fairy Dust: 1
Deep Sea Tooth: 1
Protector: 1
Reaper Cloth: 2
TM Energy Ball: 1
Stamina Band: 2
Scope Lens: 1
Max Ether: 7
Big Apple: 5
Rawst Scarf: 2
Reviver Seed: 12
Revive: 2
Beginner’s Badge: 1
Big Frozen Apple: 5
TM Hail: 1
Gorgeous Box: 1
Pretty Box: 1
Black Gummi: 1
Red Gummi: 1

There, the list has been added. For future reference, anything after this will be edits about the sales. And to save time, please download the images linked as you can browse through it at your leisure.

Edit: No takers? Closing. Any future buyers can message me.

Topic closed at OP’s request.