[Client Update] 2021-11-08 - Version 7.4 Release

The latest client update includes the following changes.


  • Add Store All option to Kangaskhan storage
  • Add support for skinning the titlebar on the Delete Account, New Account, and Select Character screens. To do this, add the “titlebar.png” to the folder. If one does not exist, the titlebar will be hidden.
  • Adjust transparency of fog and sandstorm weather effects
  • Fix cannot be lost display error in item summary
  • Fix use of backspace when renaming recruits in chimecho assembly
  • Fix rapid fire bug when using ZXCV
  • Fix alignment of the item cursor in askquestion menus
  • Pathfinder performance improved
  • Upgrade to .NET 4.8 runtime

Loving this :heart_eyes: Thank you Andy!