Cloudpolis City

[FONT=palatino linotype]CLOUDPOLIS CITY

[/FONT][SIZE=3]Welcome to Cloudpolis City!

Cloudpolis City - “The wonderful city in the cloud”


How to get here?

Go to the Housing Center and enter Ele_demaru’s House. You will find yourself in the sky, above the cloud… and in the ship to Cloudpolis City!

History of the City

Coming soon…

Place of interests

1. Cloudpolis Harbor

This is the place where the ship to the city rests after a long trip. You can freely to look around the ship and don’t forget to check out Captain’s Room too. ;)

2. Residential Area

This area is where the citizens of Cloudpolis City stay. <3

3. Cloudpolis City Market

This is where you can purchase lots of cool stuffs.

Here’s the list of shops:
-Mantyke’s TMs Shop: Mantyke will sell you TMs and sometimes some good stuffs too ;)
-Togepi’s Evo Shop: Togepi will sell you items for evolution. <3
-Azumarill’s Hut: Azumarill will sell you dusts and some type-enhancing items. :3
-Shaymin’s Hut: Shaymin will sell you some rare items she collected on her adventures. :>
-Meowth’s Hut: Meowth will sell you some valuable items he collected on his adventures (He loves money a lot btw). v

(Because of the ground items’ limit, I cannot put all of my stuffs there.
If there’s something you want that is not in the market, contact me on Discord (Ele_demaru#3987).)

4. Natural Park

This is the city’s park! Take a nice walk and feel the fresh air in here, or sit down and look at the shiny, sparkling lake of Crystal. : D

[i](This is a good place for couples too ;) )

[/i]5. Cloudy Café

Looking for somewhere to relax? This is the right place for you!

Come here and enjoy the drinks while sitting down watching the blue sky and the faraway horizon. <3

Here’s the café’s Menu:

-Cloud Smoothie
-Magic Tea
-Chesto Coffee
-Sunny Shake
-Lum Tea
-Clear Water
-White Soda
-Hot Chocolate
-Green Tea
-Reviver Milk

The café has something special too! ;) But it’s still under development now, so please be patient! <3

Hope that you will have a great time here!



Chesto coffee sounds pretty tasty btw.

Everyone should go check this place out, it’s so nice, and even is a good afk spot ~