Concerns about Shiny Hunt Rental

There’s two points that worry me with my shiny hunting rental idea.

1.Setting the right price and checkout period.

I’m planning to stock Tight Belts and Golden Masks on the higher end, and Friend Bows for newer players, the lattermost selling and renting. Coming up with prices for the first two that attract users, yet don’t collapse the market, is something I’d like help with. The first numbers that came to mind for Tight Belt was 20K per week, or 30K per two weeks, and I have nothing for Masks. Then there’s time, and I’m pretty flexible there. One week, two weeks, or a month? I can work with any of those.

As a side note, I think Shiny Token prices can go any which way, since it cuts hunting out. But the profits can help with that (hey, I like money!), assuming returns run smoothly. And since I suck at transitions… XD

2.When users fail to return the items.

I can keep renters’’ usernames on a piece of paper or a sign in my house (I have a headache most days), and give a free Escape Orb or Rope to help out. That, and a lot of you guys are good about item trades, and will speak up when you lose or accidentally sell something. That’s an easy one-on-one conversation about what to do. It’s if I don’t get them back for dishonest reasons…I can talk to staff, but I’m not certain whether they’d feel a business like this would leave the responsibility with me, and I don’t want to add to their workload. This isn’t like a one-time trade with built-in security, but an open-ended trade that expects a safe return. This factors into my prices a bit: it’ll always be higher than the Kecleon sell value, but that’s about all I can do, aside from run it with three to five of each item.

I guess that’s a moot point if this business damages the economy too much to run.

Is there anything I’m missing?