Conditionally Blocked Tiles

Summary of Bug: Tiles that are only blocked under specific conditions such as water, or ‘you need to have cleared X to get through!’ blockers can be stepped on by pokemon/players that normally shouldn’t be able to if done from another map
What you were doing at the time: Deliberately looking to reproduce this phenomenon.
Where you were in the game/menus: One map east of Greenport, over the water
What happened: I was able to move over water tiles with a pokemon not normally able to do so. (Festivo also trapped themselves behind some ‘You must clear Tanren Mines to get through!’ blocks on a map edge on the way to Mt. Stormhold)

OS/Version: Windows 10

Expected Result: I cannot step on a tile I’m unable to pass normally when entering a new map.

Actual Result: Some tile attributes appear to be ignored for the first step onto a new map.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Find a water tile or other conditionally blocked tile on the edge of a map
  2. Enter the blocked tile from the adjacent map when you would not normally be able to cross it
  3. You will enter the tile regardless if it should normally block movement

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, logs) - attached below: Unfortunately, I lack the ability to record video on this computer right now.