CoolN's that Nubpies maps.

I found some nubpie maps, and why not share them with your nubs >:D

Why did i even try to do this, what a waste of time… (Jesus" house AKA Jesus Pikachu)

Probably the worst try to make a volcano dungeon map, I bet you can"t make it worse.

I was doing this map and tried to take a screenshoot, but I forgot to press the save button…

PS: I didn"t even try to make it look good.

One of the oldest maps i made, don"t expect much tho

This is some random picture i took in Mt. Bar and i remade it into map editor, and i blame boredom…

Actual Mt bar picture:

I still don"t get the status, i were too obessed by having my nub typhlosion i forgot my job as nub… :C (note: I can"t spell crazy anymore)

Thanks for wasting your time looking at some of the worst maps up to date, good luck being better. (If you aim for that.)

7 years later i’m annoyed nothing works